(this page is what most of the other language pages were translated from. The exceptions are Spanish & Chinese, but they say basicly the same thing)

Welcome to the Nooalf website

Judging by current trends, by the end of this century there will be an international language comprised mainly of English with alot of vocabulary added from other languages. Another century after that, the year 2200, there wont be any other languages being used.

Although this may seem to be an unhappy prediction to many people, its actually a good thing. When people can communicate easily they can understand each other's perspective and have a much better chance of getting along peacefully. Great things can be accomplished when we cooperate.

But there is a BIG problem.

English does not have a real spelling system !

This makes it very difficult to learn. There is NOBODY ANYWHERE who knows how to spell every word. In fact, most major languages do not have a worthy spelling system !

Nooalf is the solution.

Nooalf was originally made in 1989 as a replacement for traditional English spelling. It covers every sound needed to represent the spoken language and looks similar enuff to traditional spelling to be readable by anybody, even if they have never see it before. This gives you the ability to write understandable text within a few months instead of spending years memorizing thousands of nonsense letter combinations. You will be able to spell any word you hear without confusion. This naturally boosts the speed at which you can acquire vocabulary. Plus, most languages are comprised of the same or similar sounds found in English, so Nooalf can be used to spell the majority of all the words on Earth !

Nooalf is the spelling system of the future.
Welcome to the revolution.