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Educational Products
The Nooalf English-based International Spelling System - charts
The Nooalf Pictures chart series represents a departure from the old fashioned rote memorization methods employed by all other literacy training
products on the market. Learning a true system that covers English and most other major languages enables your students to think about
spelling rather than merely recall it. The typical preshooler will be able to learn the Nooalf English-based international spelling system in a month
with little or no assistance using any of these charts. The Super Mini Chart and the full size chart also introduce regular English spelling. This website
provides reading material and in-depth info on the lojik behind the system.
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Super Mini Chart - 2nd edition Micro Chart Full Size Chart
The new issue of the Super Mini Chart is now available!
It is the most advanced printed literacy training
product ever devised. Anybody who can name the
pictures in English can learn Nooalf spelling
in a month or less. Includes the latest advance
in literacy, oLTaLF alternating text direction!
It also has a comprehensive introduction to traditional
spelling with hundreds of sample words and a chart
that shows the most common ways sounds are spelled
the old fashioned way.
Only 6" x 4" (152 x 102 mm), the size of a post card!
Sold as signed individual copies.
Believe it or not the MiKROCoRT is even smaller,
yet still teaches Nooalf!
This credit card size (3.65" x 2.125", 86 x 54 mm)
chart contains all the essential info on the front
plus instructions on how to type Nooalf
spelling on the back.
Even if you get one of the bigger charts it is
handy to have this while reading the website
and learning Nooalf.
Laminated front and back. Sold as numbered and
dated individual copies.
The full page version of the MiKROCoRT.
Same images except bigger. Great for farsighted people
or little kids who are likely to lose the MiKROCoRT.
Does not teach regular English spelling.
10.5 x 6.6 inches, 267 x 168 mm.
Waterproof, sealed edge laminated.
Sold as numbered, dated & signed individual copies.
Price: 10$ Price: 5$ Price: 15$
Poster Original Nooalf Picture Chart CDROM
Single sided 30 x 20 inch (762 x 508 mm) Nooalf chart.
Good for a homeschool study room or small classroom.
Sold as individual signed, numbered & dated copies.
Larger prints available by special order.
The Nooalf Pictures full page chart is especially
helpful for adults who want to learn Nooalf.
Over 800 easy to read sample words in both Nooalf and
traditional spelling in addition to the pictures.
On the reverse side, the 26 letter regular alphabet
chart clarifies traditional spelling far better than
any rote training 'phonics' program ever could.
Waterproof laminated, sealed edges.
8.25 x 10.35 in. 209 x 263mm.
Sold as numbered, dated & signed individual copies.
The original Talking Pictures chart on CDROM!
Click on the 34 pictures and hundreds of sample words
to hear them. Essential for foriegners learning English.
Great for adults learning Nooalf and children learning
regular English spelling. Also contains the 4 official
Nooalf fonts with setup and typing instructions.
Compatible with all Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
Price: 40$ Price: 15$ Price: 10$
The Gate Crashers - posters
Help win the battle against institutionalized stupidity by purchasing a poster.
The future of civilization is at stake!

Based on the epic battle of The Gate Crashers vs the Gate Keepers! Click on the piks to see!
Each 30 x 20 inch (762 x 508 mm) poster comes with a separate sheet with the text from the web page. Printed on demand, signed & numbered by the artist.
Who are these weirdos? CoRMR! Rude Awakening
Poster #1 in the Gate Crasher series. SQPRJO, SiMaN,
ANJeLENU and CoR GWo are here to deliver a stern
lecture to the fossil head Gate Keepers who are trying
to stop the Nooalf Revolution.
Poster #2 has CoR GWo in his armor tellin wuzup
while the other 3 are confronting principal
Arnold Dunston and his evil Gate Keepers.
Poster #3 SiMaN floats the school in pieces and
CoR unleashes his blasters on the gate.
Not just kids in costumes after all!
Price: 40$ Price: 40$ Price: 40$
Rubble Trouble Lunch Time Complete Set CDROM
Poster #4 ANJeLENU & SiMaN having fun smashing
stuff while CoR & JO play with the Gate Keepers.
Poster #5 Game over, Arny! Time for some shwarama. All 5 IN HDTV 16 x 9 format with & without text
for a total of 10 posters as big as your TV!
Price: 40$ Price: 40$ Price: 10$
Bargian Basement
Close-outs & Discontintued Items
Super Mini Chart 1st Edition - Box of 100 Big English & Spanish Nooalf Poster English Text '4 out of 5' T-shirt
SMC original issue works just as well for regular Nooalf as
the new issue, but does not show oltalf or the non-english letters.
Great buy for professional tutors, discount dealers, Ebayers.
6 x 4 inches (152 x 102 mm)
Used. 2002 demo for the ZOL corporate office.
Has English and Spanish translated sample words in
traditional and Nooalf spelling.
37w x 44.25h inches, 940 x 1124mm
Laminated, sealed edges, Excellent condition.
Originally cost over 400$!
"4 out of 5 scientists agree-
smart is better than stupid!"
Comic caption written in old fashioned English
on the front. High quality 100% preshrunk
cotton. Small size 6 - 8. Only 5 left in stock!
See the KoMIKS section for this and more
halariousness. Email to special order any
of the comics for 30$
Price: 45$ Price: 50$ Price: 15$
* All Items in stock are shipped within 72 hours via USPS. Special orders are available.
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