slakrz nqalf

OK, you had too much trouble reading slakrz nqalf, so gave up & hit the English button.
Got a little bad newz for you - you aint no Einstien! Sorry, dude.
But youre still reading, so I'll cut you sum slack. Maybe with sum persistens, you can get it.

The following iz an explanation and instructionz in mostly normal English.
(NOTE! this paje iz not a word for word tranzlation uv the slakrz nqalf slakrz nqalf paje)

It started with instant messaging & chatroomz on the internet then really took off with text messaging on wireless
fonez and Twitter. Its like a mix uv spoken & written language with the big Disadvantajez uv both !
WAY slower than speech, yet deprived uv the time to consider, edit & refraze az in email or a paper correspondens.
In spite uv this, sumhow it haz bekum very popular. I seriously dont get it, but who am I to juj?

A major aspect uv it, especially with text messaging, iz trying to get your message across with less typing.
Minimizing the number uv wordz & abbr thm az mch az posbl iz the essential strategy. It works ok for most common
wordz, but failz for new namez or uncommon wordz. Another problem iz the lack uv any standard. Trying to puzzle thru
sumbodyz rendition uv a simple sentence can take longer than it took to type it. Its Like trying to decode a string
uv vanity licence plates!

slakrz nqalf to the rescue!

Az you saw on the Chart paje (you did see the chart page I hope! If not, be sure to click the link below to
alleviate your ignorance) the Nooalf system haz an automatic ascii equivelent (the little black letter next to
the big blue wun). If you type az if you are using a Nooalf font, but you really arent, the rezult will be Nooalf
ascii, a fonetic system in wich most uv the letterz are CAPITAL (to provide the most distinct symbol group), with
the remaining 8 accessed by hitting the shift key to temporarily revert back to lower case.

Switching frum upper to lower case takes time. Although its only a fraction uv a second on a computer keyboard, it addz up.
And on many fone keypadz it can be a major hassle-O-tron. This iz wut slakrz nqalf iz all about; eliminating the shift.

Herez how it works:

Type az if youre typing real Nooalf, except leave the keyboard in lower case & ignore the shift.
8 letterz, a e i o u s j x, will each reprezent either uv the 2 soundz that the key makes with the shift.
Not a big problem to read, since the vast majority uv the text will be wordz you know. And if you really do need
to know how to pronounce a particular word, regular Nooalf ascii can be used.

xis iz slakrz nqalf. yq kan tip it wix u ful kebord ubowt 20% fastr xan regyqlr inglis sins it uliminats ol xe
ekstru letrz . it olso haz u spas advantij ovr nqalf ascii. now yq wil be abl tq yamr fastr xan evr sins yq wont
spend haf xu tim tiping " hu? " & wating for u refraz uv xu last eksesivle ubreveatid sentens.

An important thing to keep in mind iz that slakrz nqalf will not tranzlate properly to real Nooalf simply by
chanjing it to a Nooalf font. In addition to the 8 letterz above, the fonts contain an au letter and sum
nonEnglish letterz in the lower case. This paragraf looks like this if you chanje a slakr version to Nooalf:

an importint xing tq kep in mind iz xat slakrz nqalf wil not tranzlat proprle tq rel nqalf simple bi
canjing it tq u nqalf font. in udisn tq xe 8 letrz ubuv, xu fons kuntan an q letr and sum noninglis letrz in
xu lowr kas. xis parugraf luks lik xis if yq canj u slakr vrjn tq nqalf.

See? A total mess! So if youre typing sumthing that you may want to change to proper Nooalf later, dont uze slakrz nqalf.

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arrow takes you to the Battle Zone, wich prezents all the arguments and rebuttlez for and agenst spelling reform.

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